Longueuil intends to contribute $200,000 to Centraide’s Emergency Fund to help the city’s most vulnerable residents

At a special city council meeting later tonight, the City of Longueuil will submit a proposal to provide financial assistance to local community organizations by allocating an exceptional grant of $200,000 to Centraide of Greater Montreal's Emergency Fund.

The City's contribution will be used to support organizations that serve Longueuil and offer essential services to the public. It will go toward implementing a set of special measures aimed at isolated, vulnerable people, specifically by helping to maintain operations related to food security in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Community organizations play a crucial role in reaching out to the vulnerable, especially during crises like the one we're going through right now,” said Longueuil Mayor Sylvie Parent. “We have to pull together and help our organizations so they have the necessary resources to carry out their mission, particularly given the current surge in demand and the pressing need for front-line services. Our financial support will directly benefit the people of Longueuil, many of whom have lost a portion of their income as a result of the outbreak.”

For residents who wish to volunteer
The City also encourages anyone who wants to lend a helping hand to get in touch with the Centre d'action bénévole de Saint-Hubert, the Centre de bénévolat de la Rive-Sud and La Mosaïque, all community organizations based in Longueuil. Their contact information can be found on the City's website.

About Longueuil
Modern and forward-facing, Longueuil is the central city of the Agglomération de Longueuil, home to more than 430,000 residents. Longueuil is renowned for the quality of its essential public services, its rich and varied cultural programming, and its strong potential for economic development. With a history dating back 360 years, Longueuil is also a vibrant and welcoming city with a remarkable quality of life where families can thrive, surrounded by expansive green spaces, peaceful residential and urban neighbourhoods, and a booming business sector.