Forms – Assessment roll

It is possible to directly fill an online form where available, or, print the form and return it to us by email at, by faxing it to 450 463-7389, by mail or in person at 789 boulevard Roland-Therrien, Longueuil (Québec) J4H 4A6.

  • F-A Declaration for the removal of an above-ground pool
    If you wish to inform us that there is no longer an above-ground pool on the property, you must come to the Direction de l'évaluation in person or download, fill out and return the form:

  • F-B Application for review of the real estate assessment roll:

  • F-C Change of address form:

  • F-D Disclosure of transfer of a mobile home not entered in the land register:

F-1 List of income and expenses RESIDENTIAL

F-2 Sales enquiry RESIDENTIAL

F-3 Changes made to your property RESIDENTIAL

F-4 Declaration of construction costs COMMERCIAL

F-5 List of annual building costs COMMERCIAL

F-6 Inventory of units and terms of occupancy COMMERCIAL

F-7 Annual operating costs at time of purchase COMMERCIAL

F-8 Inventory of units and terms of occupancy at time of purchase COMMERCIAL

F-9 Declaration of construction costs RESIDENTIAL