Public roads and their components

The Direction des travaux publics is responsible for maintaining public roads. Despite all the attention given to roads and equipment within their right-of-way, including fire hydrants, street lights, traffic lights, and parking meters, breakdowns or malfunctions can occur. All citizens are invited to report breakdowns or malfunctions so that repairs can be made as soon as possible.

Traffic lights

If you notice that a traffic light is not working and it does not appear that there's a general power outage, we ask you to take note of the intersection and report it to the Direction des travaux publics.

Certain intersections are now equipped with emergency lights, a system created by the employees of Ville de Longueuil. These lights turn on automatically when there is a power failure. Thanks to a stroboscopic light, road users know that the regular lights are not working and a full stop must be made at the intersection.

Street lights

If you notice that a light fixture is out of order or that it does not appear to work properly, please notify the Direction des travaux publics and let them know the address of a house located near it.

Defective parking meters

Did you know that it is absolutely forbidden to park in a space whose parking meter is defective and such an infraction is liable to a fine?

If you notice that a parking meter is broken, please notify the Direction des travaux publics. They will dispatch a technician to effect repairs.

Road signs

Road signs are made to convey information quickly. As such, mile posts, road signs, lights, lines, markers and signs play an important role: orient people, identify streets, road or buildings; ensure the population's safety; indicate the location of road work or defects in the pavement; signal the eventual presence of road workers.

If you believe that certain safety or warning signs are missing, have been moved or vandalized, please notify the Direction des travaux publics immediately.