Sector taxes

Local or sector taxes are used to reimburse, usually over a period of fifteen to twenty years, the loans taken out by the municipality to finance infrastructure such as sewers, water mains, roads, street lighting and parks.

The cost of the work is shared among the properties benefiting from it, usually on a frontage or an area basis. Sector taxes vary from one area of town to another because not all the work was carried out at the same time. Over the past few years, the tendency has been to have the developer pay the cost of new infrastructure work, so reducing the need for such taxes in sectors under development.

If an amount appears on the Sector tax (Taxe sectorielle) item of your tax bill and you wish to know the details (ex. for which by-laws, and until what date you will continue to pay sector taxes), simply contact the Info-tax line.

To consult the documentation from the November 29 and 30 2016 information sessions on the Faubourg Cousineau sector taxes, click here (in French only).

For more information, please contact Info-taxes at 450 463-7272.