Emailing of documents related to properties

Questions and answers

Why should I register for this service?

Registering for this service will give you unlimited access to your documents—anytime, anywhere. You will also help to reduce Ville de Longueuil's ecological footprint.

Who has access to this service?

This service will be accessible only to the primary property owner. In cases where there are several owners, the order is established according to the notarized contract.

Can I receive documents for all of my properties by email?

Yes, the primary owner can elect to register for the email service for one or more properties.

Can I also receive my documents by regular mail?

Once the service takes effect, owners registered for the service will no longer receive paper documents.

Which documents will owners receive by email?

The primary owner will have access to all documents produced before he/she registered for the service, if they were created after the service was implemented.

Electronic documents will be produced in PDF format:

  • Municipal tax account
  • Statements (for each property)
  • Any information document

When will the service take effect?

The service took effect in 2015; only documents produced after the start date will be available.

How does Ville de Longueuil plan to protect the confidentiality of my file?

The client number needed to authenticate a file will not be available on the Ville de Longueuil website, thus ensuring confidentiality.

For how long will the data be archived?

The primary owner will continue to have access to all documents received for seven years, even if he/she sells the property. After this period, these documents will automatically be deleted, pursuant to the Loi sur les archives.

Will I still have access to the documents even if I no longer own the property?

For security reasons, previous owners will not have access to new documents related to the property. However, citizens will continue to have access to the documents that they received while they owned the property.

What happens if a citizen has two or more ID NOs during registration?

The citizen must first register for one ID NO. He will then contact Info-taxes at 450 463-7272, option 2, or, to merge other ID NOs to the first registered ID NO.

Who will oversee the safekeeping of the documents?

Ville de Longueuil will be the sole party responsible for the safekeeping of the documents.

Other questions?

Call 450-463-7272 (Info-taxes) or write us.